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Moving to the US for Graduate School

While the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program has a small class feel, with 55-65 students enrolled each year, it strives for an impressive diversity of perspective, which enables students to look at today’s complex business problems and develop creative solutions. This year there are over 40 undergraduate institutions represented, which means students’ transitions to graduate life at McIntire vary quite a bit.

Recruiting at McIntire

Interviews are cast as stressful encounters where each word could derail chances of employment. The idea that companies will develop initial impressions of applicants and their fit attaches extreme significance to the process. Consequently many candidates view the significance of the interview as a potential liability instead of the perfect opportunity to differentiate themselves.

Tailgates, hiking and wineries: What MSA students are up to on the weekends

With a football team in one of the top conferences in the nation this year, the Atlantic Coast Conference, home games at Virginia are always thrilling. After a big upset last weekend in Durham against Duke, Virginia took on Pittsburgh this past Saturday. The result didn’t go in our favor, however, that didn’t stop the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) students from having a great time together. Weekends are the best opportunity to get together in a more relaxing setting outside of the classroom. Each class is filled with brilliant people with intriguing backgrounds, which makes every opportunity to get together invaluable. Besides football games, we all stay busy by checking out the local vineyards, cideries, and going on hikes around Charlottesville.

Young Alumni Share Tips and Industry Secrets

I’m sure we’ve all thought to ourselves from time to time: “If only I knew that when I was in school.” Wouldn’t it be incredible to go back in time to take back mistakes or even make decisions that would change the course of your life for the better?  I’m happy to inform you that the M.S. Accounting (MSA) program gives you this opportunity!

A Week in the Life

One of the tools that I found most helpful while searching for an accounting grad program, was a glimpse into the daily life of a current student. Grad school has such an intense aura about it, that a personal account of someone’s weekly routine really showed me that it was doable!  I’ll be honest – some aspects may seem awesome (e.g. no class on Fridays!), but the best advice I have is it’s all about how you manage your time!