Monthly Archives: November 2016

Meet McIntire 2016

The second weekend in November, twenty-three accounting students came from around the country to Meet McIntire, an interactive two-day event designed to give accounting majors the opportunity to gain a holistic view of the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program. The group learned how to navigate the admissions process, attended a mock graduate class,  gained team-building experience, and got to know the diverse students, faculty and staff who are an integral part of McIntire’s close-knit community.

GMAT and Application Tips

You thought you were done with college applications and standardized tests, well…they’re back! I know the prospect of going through that process again is daunting but you’ve had almost four years of undergrad experience, so you’ll be a pro now! Below are some of my tips for taking the GMAT and completing the application for UVA’s M.S. in Accounting Program.

Handling the MSA Crunch Time

October has been an exciting time to be in the M.S. Accounting program.  While the temperature outside is starting to get cooler, the intensity of the program is heating up. Our schedules have been jam packed with a variety of different endeavors including: studying for exams, preparing for job interviews, working on group projects, and pouring over CPA review material (just to name a few).