McIntire’s Recruiting Landscape

With over 300 companies recruiting at McIntire each year, we want to highlight just how it looks from the student perspective. Yes, we have traditional events like career fairs, but most connections occur in the classrooms, in the hallways, and at networking receptions organized by Commerce Career Services (CCS).

Formal Recruiting Events:

At Commerce Career Day, representatives from 80+ companies (including the Big Four, regional/local public accounting firms, banks, consulting firms, Fortune 500, etc.) and even the FBI and CIA (#secretagentman) visited Grounds a month into the program. Classes are postponed that day so the focus can be on the job search.

The night before an interview, many firms host a pre-interview reception, allowing you to learn more about the company or find an employee in the practice you’re targeting. Often, you can find out who will be conducting the next day’s interviews, which allows you to network with them in advance. It makes the process less intimidating and more relationship-focused.

Commerce Career Day 2017

Informal Recruiting Events:

Throughout the year, many firms schedule visits to Grounds (campus). This is a great opportunity to see the company in a casual setting, chat with current employees (many are alumni!), and ask questions. Many of these events are designed to let you to stop by between classes and chat with professionals to get feedback on your resume or LinkedIn profile or just to network. Some of the informal recruiting events that McIntire offers are the Employer-in-Residence Program, Accounting Networking Night, and employer-driven mock interviews.

Through the Employer-in-Residence Program, coordinated by CCS, students can engage with employers face-to-face through mock interviews, resume reviews, and office hours at CCS. CCS notifies current students about upcoming company visits that often include free food! As a student, it’s a great opportunity to quickly stop by between classes; chat with current employees about their jobs, firms, or life for a few minutes; and get feedback. Many of these employees return during formal recruitment events and conduct interviews, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this program and understand the process so that you can stand out in your interview.

During Accounting Networking Night, which takes place approximately a month into the program, the “Big Four” accounting firms and many regional and local firms visit McIntire to discuss the recruiting process, how they manage the location preference process, and the application steps that international students need to take. Even though the event is slightly more formal, it’s still a comfortable setting in which you can talk about anything. A good strategy is to bring a classmate with you to chat with employers. It helps the conversation flow easily!

CCS offers behavioral and case mock interviews which you can schedule at your convenience. Companies also offer mock interviews through CCS (both case and behavioral) in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters before on-Grounds interviewing.

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– Adnan Syed, Class of 2018

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