Monthly Archives: December 2017

MSA’s Newest Course: Primer to Cybersecurity

“Primer to Cybersecurity” is a new addition to the M.S. in Accounting curriculum this year. To understand how professionals in the accounting industry design cybersecurity software and infrastructure, we both enrolled in the course this semester. Limited to 20 students, this course provides an individualized classroom experience with a lot of one-on-one time with faculty. We recently interviewed the McIntire professors who co-teach the course, IT Professor Ryan Wright and Assistant Dean for Technology & Operations Bryan Lewis, to gain insight into the field of cybersecurity and its relationship to the accounting profession.

Taking Your Career & Network Abroad: Alumni Spotlights

Most students in the M.S. in Accounting Program plan to start their careers in the United States, though several opt to work abroad. In support of students’ international career searches, UVA offers numerous opportunities for students to study abroad or to apply for internships and jobs in other countries. Having a global experience and mindset can help set you up for opportunities to work abroad in your career. We reached out to two Class of 2013 alums to hear about their experiences—as a U.S. citizen working abroad and as a Chinese citizen working in the United States. Coincidentally, both are in their current positions thanks to M.S. in Accounting classmate referrals.