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GMAT and Application Tips

You thought you were done with college applications and standardized tests, well…they’re back! I know the prospect of going through that process again is daunting but you’ve had almost four years of undergrad experience, so you’ll be a pro now! Below are some of my tips for taking the GMAT and completing the application for UVA’s M.S. in Accounting Program.

Thinking about Graduate School

It’s July and if you’re an accounting major, there’s a good chance that you’re in the middle of an internship and thinking about your future plans. Between meeting everyone in your intern class, the other people in the office, and figuring out where the grocery store is, it may actually be time to start thinking about graduate school.  You might think the deadlines are so far away, but the first deadline for UVA’s M.S. in Accounting program is actually right around the corner on September 15, 2016. (There are six remaining deadlines through March 15, 2017 for all those who need a little more time!)

What Makes a Competitive Applicant

My advice to M.S. in Accounting applicants: don’t enter the application process with the mindset that it’s a game in which you have to try to figure out what the Admissions Committee is secretly looking for, and then respond by concocting a story that you think will fit that mold.  We are simply trying to figure out who you are, why you are applying to our program, and if this is a good fit for you AND you for us. So I’m sharing a few of my thoughts about the process to help you understand what we look for in a competitive application.