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McIntire’s Recruiting Landscape

With over 300 companies recruiting at McIntire each year, we want to highlight just how it looks from the student perspective. Yes, we have traditional events like career fairs, but most connections occur in the classrooms, in the hallways, and at networking receptions organized by Commerce Career Services (CCS).

A Peek into Commerce Career Services

Myra Khan, Assistant Director for Career Development

At Commerce Career Services (CCS), I work with a team dedicated to providing exemplary service to McIntire students and employers. While our offices are split into two teams, one focusing on Employer Relations and the other on Student Advising, we all work together to provide a range of programming that features both employers and alumni including mock interviews, industry panels, and information sessions. Though I serve as a point-person for the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program, all advisors in our office meet with all students. As career advisors we enjoy getting to know all MSA students and learning about their unique interests and career goals. The added benefit for students is that you have multiple people looking at your resume or conducting your mock interviews– and the more people the better!

McIntire will change your perception of accounting: featuring Professor Webb

A big factor that influenced my decision to do the M.S in Accounting at the McIntire School of Commerce is the pleasant academic atmosphere created by the professors and students.  As an M.S in Accounting student you immediately feel part of a larger community, and one of the best examples of how our network spans far beyond just the accounting department, is with the elective courses offered in the program.

Alumni Spotlight: Haliday Casey, M.S. in Accounting 2004

2508a3eI had the privilege of speaking with an alumna of our program who has gone on to work internationally, heading up operational risk at Man FRM, a global hedge fund investment specialist. Haliday, enjoying the best of what Europe has to offer, spoke with me after enjoying a two-week vacation and a conference in Paris, making me pretty jealous after spending the day studying CPA materials.

Alumni Spotlight: Alice Tomdio

UVA’s M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program is comprised of a unique group of students representing a range of backgrounds. Besides Virginia and local areas, we have students from all over the United States and several international countries. That’s what makes this program exceptional–we are all so different and learn so much from each other. While some of our students often land jobs in the Virginia area during the job recruiting process, others decide to fulfill their dreams elsewhere! Here’s another factor that makes us so great–we have such a strong presence around the world even after attaining our graduate degree.

How Corporate Partners Enrich Recruiting at McIntire

McIntire Corporate Partners truly care. No, really. I’m serious. They care–about our students and faculty–because they are invested in McIntire and committed to the school’s continued success. Does that mean a Corporate Partner will bring you homemade chicken soup when you have the sniffles? Okay, maybe not. But they will come to McIntire to share more about their industry, help students develop career path options, or increase their understanding of how business leaders make strategic decisions. And in the context of a graduate program, that’s far more valuable than chicken soup.