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Taking a Victory Lap for a 5th Year at UVA

To conclude our series on transitions to UVA’s M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program, we have interviewed two students who attended UVA for undergrad and decided to stay for a fifth year. We’ve covered students coming from all over the world, as well as other students’ transitions from both large and small universities. Our hope is to connect with each and every applicant interested in attending the MSA program and offer personal advice for the each of those currently in their search of a graduate accounting program. Each student was asked to respond to the following questions:

The Last Semester Bucket List

In less than a week, the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) Class of 2017 will be 100 days away from graduation! In honor of this milestone, I’ve surveyed our class and kept my eye out for some activities that are a “must” for us to complete before we graduate from our last semester of school! A few members of the program may be aspiring for more schooling down the road, but for now this list encompasses us all as we finish out these last few months here together at UVA. Without further ado, I present: The Last Semester Bucket List!

Meet McIntire 2016

The second weekend in November, twenty-three accounting students came from around the country to Meet McIntire, an interactive two-day event designed to give accounting majors the opportunity to gain a holistic view of the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program. The group learned how to navigate the admissions process, attended a mock graduate class,  gained team-building experience, and got to know the diverse students, faculty and staff who are an integral part of McIntire’s close-knit community.

Moving to the US for Graduate School

While the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program has a small class feel, with 55-65 students enrolled each year, it strives for an impressive diversity of perspective, which enables students to look at today’s complex business problems and develop creative solutions. This year there are over 40 undergraduate institutions represented, which means students’ transitions to graduate life at McIntire vary quite a bit.

My Transition to McIntire

We’ve now been in the M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program for over five weeks and it’s hard to believe how fast it’s going. Despite initially being overwhelmed by the number of students on Grounds, I’ve had a relatively smooth transition to life in Charlottesville.

What has helped the transition?

Finding my Bearings at UVA

Nearly 500 miles up I-95 from where I spent my undergrad at the College of Charleston, Charlottesville is already starting to feel like home. I am proud to admit that that following the blue path line on Google maps is a thing of the past. No more asking third years (don’t call them juniors, trust me) at 9:30 in the morning where room 226 is!  Here in Charlottesville, the M.S. in Accounting students are finally starting to get their bearings.

Get to Know the MSA Program Director

Roger martinThis spotlight features the head honcho, the man of the year, our one and only M.S. in Accounting (MSA) Program Director and Professor: Roger Martin. Professor Martin instructed our Leading for Success in the Accounting Profession course last fall and Special Topics in Auditing course this spring. We’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know him as a professor, director, and mentor throughout our time here. We hope this blog will provide insight on his career and perspective on his life outside of McIntire. A special shout out to Professor Martin for allowing us to interview him!

Wahoo Weekends for the Win

After a busy week filled with midterm exams, presentations, and papers, your favorite M.S. in Accounting Program celebrated with an eventful weekend together. We kept hearing about the many attractions and places to visit in Charlottesville, so it was the perfect fall weekend to cross two of those off our bucket lists. This year’s GCOM Council organized a visit to both the Carter Mountain Orchard and Trump Winery (yes, accountants are fun). It certainly was a pleasant weekend, spent with great friends, beautiful surroundings, and, of course, great food. For those of you who haven’t been to either of these places, I hope you plan a trip after reading this blog!